How to use SuperClean®

Got a tough mess to clean? SuperClean® products are up to the task. SuperClean® cleaner-degreaser and the other products in the SuperClean® family are formulated to dissolve grease and cut grime. Super Easy. Super Fast.™

There are hundreds of uses for SuperClean® and we've posted some of the most popular ones here. Explore these step-by-step tips to learn how professionals and homeowners use SuperClean® products to save time, energy and money. Many cleaning tips are available on video. All cleaning tips include written instructions.

Your safety is important to us, so please use our products in accordance with the safety instructions on the package and the safety tips on this website. Eyewear and gloves may be necessary depending on your usage and conditions. Always pre-test for surface integrity and to check if the color is affected.

SuperClean® cleaner-degreaser is highly effective for extreme cleaning. For moderate messes, dilute SuperClean® according to the instructions on the Dilution Chart.

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