How to use SuperClean® for BBQ Grills

Preparation: Be sure the grill is completely cool before cleaning.

  1. Move grill onto lawn to avoid damaging deck area
  2. Remove aluminum drip tray (if applicable)
  3. Spray SuperClean on cool grill grates and wait 3-5 minutes. For heavily baked on grime, soak grates in bucket or shallow plastic container with SuperClean and wait up to 10 minutes
  4. While waiting, clean inside and outside of grill with SuperClean
  5. Brush grates with stiff brush if necessary
  6. Rinse grates and entire grill thoroughly with water
  7. Replace grates
  8. Fire up grill to eliminate excess product
  9. Wipe dry to avoid watermarks

It's a good idea to wear protective gloves if you're soaking your grates in SuperClean. We recommend you wear protective eyewear in windy conditions.

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